First time paragliding in Interlaken

I decided to try paragliding for the first time ever while in Interlaken. I thought it would be great to try one type of adventure sport on this trip, and paragliding seemed the like least expensive way of achieving that. I debated it for a little while because of the price, but ultimately gave in. It was a tandem flight, so my complete lack of experience was no issue. All I had to do was show up, and listen to the directions of the pilot. We took a bus up to Beatenberg, got the parachutes and harnesses all set up, then ran down the clearing until the parachute lifted us off the ground. From there, the pilot did all the work, and all I had to do was enjoy the flight and take some pictures. Towards the end he asked if I would like to try some more exciting manoeuvres before landing, and I figured why not. So we banked left and right causing us to spin and spiral downwards for a short distance. It was kind of like riding a rollercoaster. It didn’t last very long, but the whole experience was amazing. I’m glad I decided to do it after all.

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One thought on “First time paragliding in Interlaken

  1. I’m not sure I really liked that you went paragliding, but I’m proud of you and glad you landed safely.

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