An evening at the world’s busiest museum

I took advantage of the fact that the Louvre offers free admission to anyone under the age of 26 on Friday evenings, and managed to see the entire permanent collection in the three and a half hours I spent there. I started off by seeking out some of the most famous pieces like the Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa, and the hall featuring the Michelangelo pieces. The crowds around most of these, and especially the Mona Lisa were absolutely ridiculous. There were even people who held it all up by seemingly waiting for some lucky gap when they’d be able to get a photo with no one else in the frame. So I settled for a picture from far away with the faces of complete strangers in it. After I realized that it wasn’t taking to see the main attractions, I began zig-zaging my way through each hall and exhibit. I managed to make it though each and every last one, though it required me to limit the consideration given to most pieces to a mere glance or short stare. I’m sure some would be horrified at my lack of proper attention, but I suppose when it comes to museums I tend to look for an overall impression more than anything. And when it comes to the Louvre, the overall impression was good. It’s a good mix of historical artifacts and artistic pieces, and it managed to hold my attention from my 6PM entry until it began closing around 9:30PM. It’s probably worth paying for, but if you can find a way in for free, then I say go for it.

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