Sleepy in Stuttgart

I’m not sure why, maybe it was the grey weather, but I found myself perpetually sleepy while in Stuttgart. Or perhaps it’s because I’m not even sure why I decided to go to Stuttgart, except that my originally planned next stop of Freiburg was all booked up for the weekend. I looked at a half dozen other train accessible cities in or bordering the Black Forest, and had no luck either. So, needing some place else to go for two nights, I flipped a coin between Stuttgart and Frankfurt, and everyone can tell which city won. So now in Stuttgart, I set about looking around and getting a feel for the city. It’s new and modern like most German cities, not surprisingly because it was mostly destroyed by allied bombs in World War II. I’m sensing a recurring theme here in Germany’s larger cities. A walk down König Straße also involved walking past a lot more mid to high end clothing stores than I recall seeing in any other Germany city so far. There are a lot of nice parks, though I really only saw the various sections of the Schloßgarten between the city centre and the Neckar river. I eventually ended up at the Mercedes-Benz museum, even though I have no particular interest in cars. I guess at €4, I figured it couldn’t be too disappointing. I was worried that it would be a big Mercedes-Benz car show, but it actually did a really good job of placing the company into a historical context. I was genuinely impressed. Even though I felt like napping the entire time I spent in Stuttgart, I didn’t mind it. I preferred the other cities I’ve already visited in Germany, but that doesn’t mean Stuttgart isn’t a fine place in it’s own right.

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One thought on “Sleepy in Stuttgart

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