Paris by night

The first night I went out in Paris was much more tame compared to my second, and simply involved me seeking out the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Towers after my evening visit to the Louvre. The Arc de Triomphe wasn’t particularly exciting, though I was pleasantly surprised when the Eiffel tower lit up and began to sparkle at 11pm. I hadn’t known it would do this, which was probably a failure to do a little background research on my part.

The following night, a Saturday, was more of the party variety with myself an Irish dorm mate, and two girls from the hostel. We managed to accidentally find our selves in the vicinity of Moulin Rouge. We laughed a little at the oddness of actually standing in front of the real Moulin Rouge, and then set off. There were a few incidents when a drunken guy in the street would try to get a little too close to one of the girls in our group, and I even managed to get half drenched with beer blocking one of them. We walked the girls back to the hostel following that, but my Irish dorm mate and I had met another Irish fellow at the door and decided to head back out with him. We eventually found ourselves at a park bench where we were joined by an eccentric Australian with self inflicted but unexplained burns on his fingers. We even thwarted the blatant theft of our Irish friend’s €1000 custom bicycle by a group of gypsy teens. Three of them tried to distract us while the fourth just took the bike by the handlebars and began to slowly walk off. He made it six feet before one of us noticed and well all jumped to our feet to chase them away. Disaster averted. It was one of the most eventful and memorable nights of my trip, and we didn’t get back to the hostel until after 6am.

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One thought on “Paris by night

  1. Good night Paris. Sounds like you had a good time:)

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